How to Use This Site

Do you want to learn more about women writers in prerevolutionary Russia? You are in the right place! This page explains how to get the most out of the information in our database.

Database Organization

The records in this database are divided into two collections:

  • Prerevolutionary Women Writers
  • Reference Resources

The Prerevolutionary Women Writers collection contains information about Russian women writers in the prerevolutionary period. In addition to basic biographical details, entries in this collection also contain information as to each woman's occupation(s), references from other bibliographies and resources, and include a bibliography of writings by her. As the scope note below indicates, only materials beyond what already appears in major reference sources for this subject matter appear here.

The Reference Resources collection contains reference materials used to compile the bibliography.

Navigation and Searching

You are welcome to Browse either collection to get a sense of the kinds of materials included in the database. Additionally, you can use the Search bar in the upper right corner of the screen to find more specific information.

Do you want to identify women who were poets by occupation or were born in Moscow? The Advanced Search page lets you narrow your search even further by using the Narrow by Specific Field option.


The citation given at the right is for the item’s record in the Bibliography of Prerevolutionary Writings by Women and not necessarily for the item itself. However, this website is COinS metadata-enabled, which means you should be able to automatically gather other relevant bibliographic details about items in the Reference Resources collection using a citation manager like Zotero.